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How It Works

Pay a one time fee of ₱150.00 for activation code via PayMaya or GCash, register and start working as soon as possible from below tasks:

Captcha Typing

☑ Rate: ₱0.045 per image
☑ Volume: unlimited

Data Entry

☑ Rate: ₱10.00 per page
☑ Volume: 300 pages/week
☑ Must be qualified to do this task.

Transcribe Audio

☑ Rate: ₱15.00 per file
☑ Volume: 200 files/week
☑ Must be qualified to do this task.

Direct Referrals

☑ Rate: ₱30.00 per invite
☑ Volume: unlimited

Code Reseller

☑ Rate: ₱20.00 per code
☑ Minimum: 5 codes
☑ Must be qualified to do this task.

Happy Hours

☑ Rate: ₱5.00 - 35.00
☑ Volume: Limited bonuses
☑ Must be qualified to do this task.

The Tasks

  • Captcha Typing

    Just type what's written on the image and submit, as simple as that. Guaranteed no limitations!

  • Data Entry

    Compiling, verifying accuracy and sorting information to prepare source data for computer entry.

  • Transcribe Audio

    Create written versions of audio or video recordings, meetings, and conversations.

  • captcha typing
  • Data Entry
  • Audio Transcription
  • Image
  • Image
  • Image

Frequently Asked Questions

What is typaid.com?

It is an online typing job platform that provides opportunity to earn additional income for yourself or for the family.

Do I have to work a minimum number of hours to get a payout?

There is no minimum to get paid each week.

Will I really get paid?

We have thousands of typers working on our platform that get paid every week. If you'd like to connect with one of them, let us know!

How to join typaid.com?

You can create an account by clicking the JOIN US button (top-right) but you need to obtain an activation code that can be purchased here, don't worry it is a one time membership fee. Just fill up all the required information then click the sign-up button and you're done. You can start immediately.

How to recover my lost account or password?

We have provided a forgot password link in the login section and from there you just need to fill up your email and the forgotten account or password will be emailed to you. If you still need help contact us via contact form or live chat.

What is the minimum payout?

₱300.00. This can be requested via payout form.

How do we as typers help your company by doing these tasks?

Our vision is to accelerate the development of AI applications and we do this by providing high-quality training data to AI or machine-learning companies.

How much is the pay?

It ultimately depends on your speed and accuracy. However, if you’re working 20 hours per week, you can make between ₱500.00 to ₱2,000.00.

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